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Dark Places


dark-places-book-coverMy pick for this week is Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. I told you how I felt about Gone Girl. Well, I enjoyed this book even more. There were actually characters in this book I liked. For example, I liked the main character, Libby. She has some major issues (and who wouldn’t when your family is supposedly murdered by your brother) but overall, I liked her.

What would you be like twenty years after your family is gone from your life at seven years of age? Well, for Libby Day she is broke and going on interviews for a group called the Kill Club to try and make some money. These interviews include visiting remaining family members at a prison and a superfund site. They also include catching up with strippers and trying to reconnect with an estranged aunt who lives in a trailer park.

I am sure Libby’s trips down memory lane with such savory characters seem a bit well, dark. I agree, but while these people are a little dark, the mystery Flynn has set on this stage is too interesting and tantalizing to close the book. So, if you have a summer vacation on the horizon, take this little whodunnit along with you. Was it Ben, Runner, Trey, Diondra, Len or maybe even the Aunt? I am pretty certain you will want to find out just like I did.