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My attempts to channel Cesar Milan as I learn that growing up with ranching dogs does not qualify me to train my own dogs.

I Want to Go for a Walk



This afternoon as I was working at the kitchen table when this white and black face wandered into my field of vision. Very quietly she rested her head in my lap and looked up at me with that brown eye. It was as if she was saying, “Aren’t you done yet? I want to go for a walk!”

Hope your Tuesday is going well and you get to go outside and enjoy the outdoors.


Dixie and Her Lizard Like Intensity



Tuesday when I was photographing Sully, I also took some pictures of Dixie as she relished in her new pastime – staring intently at lizards inhabiting the foliage on our back porch. Here is how it went down:

“I see a lizard above your head! Stop pointing that black thing at me and get out of my way!”


“No, stay where you are! The lizard has moved.”


“Oh! Now it is over there!”


“I’ve got you lizard!”


“That one got away but I found another.”


“It’s right up there I know it!”


“Wait, now it’s over there!”


“You can’t escape me lizard. I have my eye on you!”

Happy Thursday y’all.




This is Sully. He is my neighbor’s new Lab/Chow puppy. Yesterday I took some pictures of him. This is what I imagined he would have said to me if he could talk:

“What are you about you strange woman that always calls to me in that child like voice? I don’t trust you and now you are aiming a black device at me through the fence!”


“You frighten me. I shall run and . . .


hide from you!”


“No! I shall make my escape while I can . . .


and retreat to a safe distance so as to observe your movements.”


“I have changed my mind. I find you curious. I must be closer to watch you.”


“Wait, what’s that over there?”

Yep, that is what he would have said to me.

Sitting In The Yard


IMG_6365I have been grounded as of late. I have a foot issue that has kept me from walking, running, doing yoga, pretty much anything. As a consequence, I have been sitting out in the yard with the dogs on warm afternoons. Yesterday I took my camera with me and snapped a few pictures.


Laddie was bright eyed and eager to play fetch.


When Newt joined our front yard fun . . .


he and Laddie demonstrated the love they have for each other.


China came out to play too.


I found that the paperwhite bulbs I had thrown in the yard are growing.


And Dixie, well she pondered life when she wasn’t chewing a stick.

Happy Thursday evening to y’all.




I cleaned the house yesterday. Then I let the dogs back in the house.

Dixie, who is a VERY messy drinker sashayed over to the water bowl, lapped up copious amounts of H2O, dropped half of it out of her mouth all over the  floor, then stepped in it turning the dirt on her paws to mud and proceeded to make dirty paw marks all over the place.

I wonder at those times what possessed me in 2010, a month and a half before my wedding, to get a second dog. Then I look at these pictures and I realize, how could I have not brought her home.



On our first trip to meet her we took her outside and she ran to the corner and promptly curled up in the dirt.


Inside, she was happy to curl up in my arms.


When we got her home, she loved her bath.


Later, when she was used to her surroundings, she embraced the backyard.

So, could you have resisted that face?

Feed Me



Anyone remember that movie Little Shop of Horrors with Steve Martin and Rick Moranis? “Feed me Seymore!” Poor Dixie suffered from a “Feed Me” moment the other night.

As I went to get the dogs their food, Dixie ran for her bed. She knows she is to go and lay down in her bed and wait while I fill her food bowl and she knows to stay in her bed until I tell her, “release.” I thought she looked so cute with her eager face so I busted out the camera. Of course, that cute look was replaced with the above look – “what’s going on here? This is not the norm.”

So, I tried to move in a little closer. Surely I could get her to perk back up!


Still confused. I thought maybe if I got down on her level and said her name very sweetly that would do the trick.

Instead, that resulted in . . .


an even more perplexed look.

I will spare you the remainder of the pictures of me trying to get her doggy smile to return. They just continue to show more confusion and disappointment at being kept away from her food bowl. I finally relented and she flew to her dinner with her tail swinging happily behind her as she munched on dinner.

Ah, the life of a dog. Hope y’all have a good evening!