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Almost done with Glueing



This dresser needed some serious help. All of the veneer was about ready to peel off of the front of the drawers. I thought about pulling it off but . . .


I liked the detail on the drawers.


So the glueing began (not only for the veneer but also other parts of the drawers as well) and now the drawers are operable again without fear of ripping off the veneer or something worse happening.


The last thing left is the veneer on the top.


As you can see there is quite a line on the top that will need some work to blend.

IMG_7526I am certain though that I can get that veneer on top to lay as flat as the veneer on the drawers below.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Putting the Upholstery on . . .



After travel and the traveling, family flu struck I finally got it together last week and made some progress on the Office Chairs.

Well, I continued on with that last night and not only did I put the foam on the second chair, I started putting on the upholstery. Click here to get an idea of how I did this.


I even put the fabric on the second chair.

Next up is working on getting the fabric snug around the legs. I went back and did some more research on this today. I want to be sure that when I start cutting the fabric I know what I am doing. Stay tuned.

Happy Tuesday everyone!




One project I have had a bit of stamina to work on lately is this dresser. This is an “after we brought it home” picture but a “before I hosed it down and scrubbed on it in the front yard” picture.

Once I cleaned it up, I brought it in the house to let the moisture and musty smell dissipate.


Next on the list was glueing the veneer back to the dresser drawers and on the top. I am currently on drawer number three and it is coming along quite nicely.

I bought these Bessey clamps at Lowe’s and they have been wonderful! I originally had only one clamp, the one in the middle and it was slow going. With the new 4-pack of clamps though I have been able to glue more securely and a little quicker too.

The best feature of these clamps is that the plastic feet come off. This makes it easier to get a grip on a drawer like this when you are glueing the sides and the  bottom of the drawer is in the way. Without the orange foot, you can get a better grip. You can see this pretty well in the picture if you look at the clamp all the way on the left.

So, if you need clamps for simple glueing projects, I definitely recommend these Bessey clamps.

Happy Wednesday y’all.




Sorry I have been missing my posts. I have still been under the weather a little and working on furniture has not been in the cards. Today I had a bit of pep though so I worked on one of the Office Chairs. Now that they both have been painted, distressed, waxed and buffed, I decided to add some foam to one of them.


It was slow going at first but then I got the feel for it and stapled my way around the chair and cut the excess foam.


Next will be to cover it with upholstery.


I am looking forward to doing this. My only concern is in the back of the seat where the ribs of the chair . . .


bow inwards. It is hard to get the nose of the gun in there to staple stuff down. So, I will be figuring that out next.

Happy Tuesday!

Found Fun


My step-mom sent me a link to a fun post from Twisted Sifter called “50 Creative Ways to Repurpose, Reuse and Upcycle Old Things.”

I thought I would share my favorites with you.


#17. Use post-it notes as a collector when you are drilling.

I wish I had read this several years ago. I can’t count the number of times I have had to haul out the vacuum cleaner after drilling a hole in the wall.


#29. Turn an old bike into a bathroom counter.

Don’t know what you do when the tires go flat but I sure think the look is cool.


#47. Transform and old chair into a towel rack and shelf.

I can’t wait to find an old chair and make this!


And the Honorable Mention goes to #36. Use old picture frame corners like tiles.

I think it is a little busy; however, this person gets some major points for creativity in my book! Plus, that house just looks beautiful.

Hope y’all have had a great Tuesday!

Chevron stripes, clocks and the sun


Picture courtesy of Wikipedia.

Since I started redoing furniture and taking more of an interest in redecorating my home, I find that I look at a lot more magazines and stuff online than before. Recently, I have noticed three particular decorating themes/pieces. Or maybe these are just decorating must haves and I have never noticed them before.

In any event, here is what I have been noticing a lot lately:

1. The chevron stripe.

You might remember the dapper fellow on the left. He was my first experience with the chevron stripe (notice it there on his shirt?). Funny thing is that I never even registered it as, “Charlie Brown has a chevron stripe on his shirt,” until a book I was reading earlier this year pointed to his everyday wear as an example of this inverted V-pattern.

I see this thing everywhere now.


Click the picture to go to etsy and order these summer loving, chevron striped pillows.

Most notably I see it on throw pillows like these on by Festive Home Decor.


Dress by Sabrina Fashion Trends on Click the picture to see and order the dress and find out more about Sabrina Fashion Trends.

I also see it a lot in women’s clothing. What a versatile pattern. Who knew Charlie Brown was so stylin’ back in the day?

2. Clocks

This was really brought home to me today when I got my daily e-mail from Joss and Main.


After reading Miss Mustard Seed’s post earlier this week about her clock makeover, and then seeing the above picture from Joss and Main, I realized there was a bit of trend. So, I looked around this afternoon at other websites, etc. and found a fair amount of wall clocks on display in photos.

Yes I know, we all need to know what time it is throughout the day but in this day and age of cell phones and all things digital, it is pretty cool to see that the “old school” clock still has a place in American households.

3. A sunny wall mirror


PIcture courtesy of Joss and Main.

I noticed this type of homage to the sun several months ago when I was looking through a DIY magazine. It had a tutorial on how to make your own sunny looking wall mirror. Then a few weeks ago I saw a picture on facebook with a more impressive looking gold colored, wall mirror. It was complete with spiky sun rays. Then today I saw the above wall mirror on Joss and Main’s website.

The sun wall mirror is so in.


Even features several sun mirrors. Check out this one by John Giovanni.

What decorating trends have you noticed lately?

Happy Wednesday everyone!

MMS is Here!



Well, Miss Mustard Seed products anyway. Either way though, I am excited! Robyn Story Designs has free shipping on Miss Mustard Seed’s paints right now but a couple of weeks ago they ran a special and for orders over $80 you could get free shipping on all MMS products as well as a free copy of Miss Mustard Seed’s book, Inspired You and they threw in some paint samples too!

The sale was so popular they were out of MMS yellow when I first ordered so it is not in the picture above. However, it came in while I was out on vacation.


So, I have yellow for that dresser thing on the left that was in my room but is now in the living room.


Grain Sack for my grandma’s cane back chairs that I will also reupholster.


And I am going to order French Enamel for this guy that the Southern Gent found for me.

Stay tuned, projects will be churning out of here soon but next week I will be keeping you updated on my fun with family. Two years ago the Southern Gent’s nieces stayed with us for a week during the summer. We are lucky enough that they still think we are cool and are coming to stay with us next week. It will be a blast!

Hope your Thursday is going well.