Wild Olive


Photo courtesy of Wild Olive’s website.

I usually do out on the town type posts on Fridays but it occurred to me that people might make their Friday night plans on Thursday. With that in mind, I give you Wild Olive. Located on John’s Island and just down the road from one of my favorites, the Fat Hen, Wild Olive serves up some excellent Italian cuisine.

This spacious restaurant features a good size bar, a communal seating area near the bar, a small room off to the front of the building with a nice view of the outdoors and two other larger seating areas. With warm colors, hanging grapes and comfortable seating options, you will feel right at home.


Photo courtesy of Wild Olive’s website.

Of course though, I must not forget about the food. Last week when we went we had some warm olives for an appetizer. I do not like olives but I decided to try this novelty and was glad I did. The various olives were tasty and the cloves of garlic they had marinating in oil along with the olives were yummy too.

For dinner I had chicken parmesan, a friend had the fish special and another friend had one of their signature pasta dishes. We all pronounced our food delicious and can’t wait to go back and try something else.

So, if you are looking for a good dinner place this weekend, whether you have been before or not, Wild Olive should be on your list!

Happy Thursday everyone.


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