One project I have had a bit of stamina to work on lately is this dresser. This is an “after we brought it home” picture but a “before I hosed it down and scrubbed on it in the front yard” picture.

Once I cleaned it up, I brought it in the house to let the moisture and musty smell dissipate.


Next on the list was glueing the veneer back to the dresser drawers and on the top. I am currently on drawer number three and it is coming along quite nicely.

I bought these Bessey clamps at Lowe’s and they have been wonderful! I originally had only one clamp, the one in the middle and it was slow going. With the new 4-pack of clamps though I have been able to glue more securely and a little quicker too.

The best feature of these clamps is that the plastic feet come off. This makes it easier to get a grip on a drawer like this when you are glueing the sides and the  bottom of the drawer is in the way. Without the orange foot, you can get a better grip. You can see this pretty well in the picture if you look at the clamp all the way on the left.

So, if you need clamps for simple glueing projects, I definitely recommend these Bessey clamps.

Happy Wednesday y’all.


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