Chevron stripes, clocks and the sun


Picture courtesy of Wikipedia.

Since I started redoing furniture and taking more of an interest in redecorating my home, I find that I look at a lot more magazines and stuff online than before. Recently, I have noticed three particular decorating themes/pieces. Or maybe these are just decorating must haves and I have never noticed them before.

In any event, here is what I have been noticing a lot lately:

1. The chevron stripe.

You might remember the dapper fellow on the left. He was my first experience with the chevron stripe (notice it there on his shirt?). Funny thing is that I never even registered it as, “Charlie Brown has a chevron stripe on his shirt,” until a book I was reading earlier this year pointed to his everyday wear as an example of this inverted V-pattern.

I see this thing everywhere now.


Click the picture to go to etsy and order these summer loving, chevron striped pillows.

Most notably I see it on throw pillows like these on by Festive Home Decor.


Dress by Sabrina Fashion Trends on Click the picture to see and order the dress and find out more about Sabrina Fashion Trends.

I also see it a lot in women’s clothing. What a versatile pattern. Who knew Charlie Brown was so stylin’ back in the day?

2. Clocks

This was really brought home to me today when I got my daily e-mail from Joss and Main.


After reading Miss Mustard Seed’s post earlier this week about her clock makeover, and then seeing the above picture from Joss and Main, I realized there was a bit of trend. So, I looked around this afternoon at other websites, etc. and found a fair amount of wall clocks on display in photos.

Yes I know, we all need to know what time it is throughout the day but in this day and age of cell phones and all things digital, it is pretty cool to see that the “old school” clock still has a place in American households.

3. A sunny wall mirror


PIcture courtesy of Joss and Main.

I noticed this type of homage to the sun several months ago when I was looking through a DIY magazine. It had a tutorial on how to make your own sunny looking wall mirror. Then a few weeks ago I saw a picture on facebook with a more impressive looking gold colored, wall mirror. It was complete with spiky sun rays. Then today I saw the above wall mirror on Joss and Main’s website.

The sun wall mirror is so in.


Even features several sun mirrors. Check out this one by John Giovanni.

What decorating trends have you noticed lately?

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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