Becoming Conference 2013



A few weeks ago I was reading Miss Mustard Seed’s blog and she mentioned she would be speaking at the 3rd annual Becoming Conference in Asheville, NC, August 9-10. I had never heard of the conference before so I looked into it and while I have never been a big attender of conferences, this one sounds like fun. Plus, it is in Asheville, a town I hear is in a beautiful place and full of things to see and do.

“Becoming 2013 is a weekend designed to encourage and inspire women to live intentionally by becoming more creative, purposeful, and frugal . . .  From personal finance, meal planning, entertaining on a budget, thrifting, home decor, trash to treasure, and more, Becoming 2013 will revolutionize the way we think, not just about our finances, but our homes.”

Of course I am very interested in the thrifting, home decor, and trash to treasure classes. The agenda is posted here. If I were going, here are the classes I would attend:

Session #1 Friday evening 7:45-8:30 p.m.

Hospitality and Entertaining on a Budget by Ruth from Living Well Spending Less and Edie – life{in}grace

What’s the secret to the perfect party? If you’ve ever longingly scrolled through Pinterest wishing you could afford to host such a picture-­‐perfect soiree, the answer may surprise you! Hint: It has nothing to do with how much you spend! Join Edie Wadworth, of Life in Grace, and Ruth Soukup, of Living Well Spending Less for an inspiring and insightful look at hospitality & party planning on a budget. You’ll discover not only what true hospitality is really about, but also come away with lots of fun, creative, & practical budget-­‐friendly party ideas, as well as a few fun surprises.

Session #2 Saturday 9:45 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Home is what you make of it: (How to DIY your way to a home you love) by Marian Parsons from Miss Mustard Seed

Forget the idea that good design is expensive, must be carried out by a professional and can only be bought in a fancy store. A great look is affordable and attainable to anyone who is willing to roll up their sleeves and dive in. So, get ready to be inspired as Marian (aka Miss Mustard Seed) shares all of the secrets she’s picked up while sewing, painting, making, building and shopping as a DIY blogger, antiques dealer and home décor enthusiast.

Session #3 Saturday 11:15 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Everything You Want to Know About Painting Furniture and Walls by Annie Omar from Maison Blanche Paint

Learn the secrets of the professional decorative painter! Join Annie Omar of Maison Blanch Paint Company, a renowned decorative painter who has run a successful paint contracting business and decorative paint training center in the Dallas area for many years. She has given an instructional “watch and learn” demo of several faux finishing techniques that will teach you to easily transform your walls and furniture while covering everything you need to know about painting furniture.

Session #4 Saturday 2:00 to 3:15 p.m.

Creative Inspiration and Easy Trash to Treasure Projects by Angela from Button Bird Designs

Find creative inspiration in your everyday routine. Explore areas in your life that get the creative juices flowing. Help the environment by turning trash into treasure with easy craft and beautiful home décor projects. Also see how ordinary objects that usually end up in a landfill can become charming pieces of art. *encore presentation from 2012

Session #5 Saturday 3:30 – 4:45 p.m.

Accessorizing Your Style, Your Body, and Your Life by Courtney Brown and Brennan Lau from Cents of Style

When you look good, you feel good and can then radiate that goodness to others. Come learn how to put your best self forward through what you wear. Learn how to simply and affordably be fashionable through accessorizing, clothing choices and dressing your body type

So, anyone want to come with me?

Here are the prices:

Deluxe: 1 to a room: $154; 2 to a room $110.50; 3 to a room $99.33; 4 to a room $93.75

Standard: 1 to a room: $139; 2 to a room $103; 3 to a room $94.33; 4 to a room $90.00; 5 to a room $85.40; 6 to a room $82.33; 7 to a room $82.33; 7 to a room $80.14; 8 to a room $78.50

*”These prices include the conference, three meals and one evening of accommodations. An additional evening is a available at a greatly discounted rate.” Click here to get all the pricing information and to register.

Anyway, hope y’all are having a fabulous Tuesday and even if you can’t attend the conference, perhaps one of the aforementioned blogs or websites will catch your fancy!


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