A Discovery of Witches


timthumb.phpHello there! It feels good to be back. I got sick on June 27th and it lasted all through last week. I even have the prescriptions to prove it. Since I was so sick, posting was the last thing I wanted to do and rather than subject all of you to less than stellar posts, I took the week off.

I am back today though and ready to tell you about a book I recently read, A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. During our Montana trip we passed through several airports and I kept seeing this book called, Shadow of Night. I finally flipped through it in a book store and discovered it was part of a trilogy, Shadow of Night being the second book in the, All Souls Trilogy.

I bet you can guess what I did when I got home. Yep, to the library to check out, A Discovery of Witches. How could I not? The trilogy has vampires, witches and even daemons in the story. Any book that combines all of those has to have a pretty interesting story line.

A Discovery of Witches did not disappoint. I was soon swept up into a world where each of the aforementioned creatures lives secretly alongside humans but according to a pact made long ago, none can be involved with each other or with human affairs. This is put to the test after a vampire and witch fall in love when they meet because of a long lost book.

I whipped through this lengthy read and am already on the second book, Shadow of Night. The third book is not out yet but I already think the second book is better than the first and this has me greatly anticipating the third. Supposedly, there may be a movie of the All Souls Trilogy in the works as well. So, check out these reads. I do not think you will be disappointed.

Happy Monday everyone!


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