Glacier National Park



After our morning of horseback riding while we were in Montana, our backsides were a little sore so we decided to take a leisurely drive into Glacier National Park. The Going-to-the-Sun Road was not open all the way yet but we were still able to see some beautiful sites. Above is a view of Lake McDonald.


I believe this “creek” is called McDonald Creek. It feeds into the top of Lake McDonald.


At one point we got adventurous and went down a dirt road on the other side of Lake McDonald and saw where the forest was recovering beautifully from a forest fire that came through several years ago.


We walked along creek beds and saw some pretty rocks.


I iced my foot (gotta love that plantar fasciitis) in the cold creek water – brrrrrr!


We marveled at the mountains.


The Southern Gent found a cool old tree trunk.


We spied this knobby Redwood.


Finally, we drove out but not before taking one last shot of the Park’s beauty.

Happy Thursday everyone!


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