The Izaak Walton Inn


IMG_7169As I have been out of the loop for three weeks, I have very little in the way of creative enterprises to show you at the immediate moment. I was so stymied by this yesterday that I chose not to post. Today though I decided I would tell you about the hotel, The Izaak Walton Inn, where The Southern Gent and I stayed while we were in Montana.

Pictured above, it sits right outside Glacier National Park. A haven in the winter for cross country enthusiasts, this railroad loving traveler’s hamlet also offers plenty to entertain those during the summer as well.


We watched trains go by.


We went mountain bike riding.


We went horse back riding (thanks to Capri from Snowy Springs Outfitters – she is almost hidden there behind the tree).


We sat outside and . . .


ate . . .


great food!


We even peaked into refurbished rail cars the Inn offers if you . . .


are looking to try out the railroad lifestyle for a night or two.


Overall, our two night stay there was wonderful, the staff were fabulous too and there was even this cute wooden goat!

Hope y’all are having a great Wednesday.


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