Dogs, Rakes, Purges and Pins



Our trip to Orland was a great success this past weekend. After lots of food and celebration we came back to Charleston yesterday with the nieces.

Today, we first picked up the dogs from Moonshadow Kennel. The best part about this was that on the way there, I ran over a rake.


This kind of rake. Thanks to whoever left that gem in the middle of the road!

Undaunted by the air hissing from the tire, we pressed on to the tire store where we learned that the rake punctured the side wall of the tire so the tire was not repairable.

By the time we made it home, two hours from when we left the house, we were exhausted and decided the beach would have to wait until later in the week.

The Purge still 1

So, instead we went and watched a scary movie – The Purge! It was actually more of a suspenseful movie and it turned out to be a decently entertaining flick.

Image 1

Then we went to The Alley, played air hockey and bowled. Once we were done there, we had some pizza from Paisano’s and then played some board games. Whew! What will we do tomorrow?


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