MMS is Here!



Well, Miss Mustard Seed products anyway. Either way though, I am excited! Robyn Story Designs has free shipping on Miss Mustard Seed’s paints right now but a couple of weeks ago they ran a special and for orders over $80 you could get free shipping on all MMS products as well as a free copy of Miss Mustard Seed’s book, Inspired You and they threw in some paint samples too!

The sale was so popular they were out of MMS yellow when I first ordered so it is not in the picture above. However, it came in while I was out on vacation.


So, I have yellow for that dresser thing on the left that was in my room but is now in the living room.


Grain Sack for my grandma’s cane back chairs that I will also reupholster.


And I am going to order French Enamel for this guy that the Southern Gent found for me.

Stay tuned, projects will be churning out of here soon but next week I will be keeping you updated on my fun with family. Two years ago the Southern Gent’s nieces stayed with us for a week during the summer. We are lucky enough that they still think we are cool and are coming to stay with us next week. It will be a blast!

Hope your Thursday is going well.


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