Office Chairs



Before I left for Montana I painted . . .


and painted . . .


and waxed the chairs I thought I would turn into dining room chairs, now turned, back into, office chairs.

In the picture above, the chair on the right has been waxed while the chair on the left has not. While both chairs are now waxed, I wanted you to see the difference in the color from before the wax is applied and after. I used all CeCe Caldwell products during this job. The paint was very easy to apply and sand. I found though that I had to be careful about nicking it with my fingernails. I was just as likely to distress with my fingernails as I was the sandpaper I discovered after a couple of errant strokes.

My favorite part in all of this though was the CeCe Caldwell wax. It has no odor in comparison to the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint wax. In addition, you can wipe more of the CeCe Caldwell wax on to achieve the color you want and then wipe off the excess quickly after application. Overall, I think the CeCe Caldwell wax is easier to work with than the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint wax.

Now that I have been gone for over a week, the wax on the chairs has hardened nicely and they look pretty fabulous. I am looking forward to putting some upholstery on them and getting them into my friend’s office.

Happy Wednesday everyone.


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