Dead Ever After


Well, the time has come to say good-bye to Sookie Stackhouse, at least in book form. The last installment in the series by Charlaine Harris, Dead Ever After, was on the bookshelves last month and fortunately the library here in Charleston had it in stock. I put myself on the wait list, got it last week and read it in a couple of days.

I have some friends that were disappointed in how the book ended but I have to say, I liked it. From the first two books, I had my guy picked out and while I thought there for awhile that Sookie’s adventures would take her far away from her mortal self and from Bon Temps. She kept both and came away in the end not only with a guy but also a sense of self that she would be all right if that guy flaked. She is after all, Sookie Stackhouse.

So, to Charlaine Harris I would say, remember me! I was the last person whose book, Deadlocked, you signed last year when you were at the Barnes and Noble here in Charleston! Then of course I would tell her that I like what she did in the end. As she said in the intro to Dead Ever After, she can’t make all her fans happy. She made this one happy though.

Of course, I would have been just fine too if Sookie had walked into that glowing sun with a different guy. I was just happy to have found and read about Sookie’s journeys. Thanks LilMsSunshine for getting me most of the books for my birthday a couple of years ago. You supplied me with hours of entertainment!


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