Pinterest pics, posts and pins


Southern Adventuress on Pinterest. Click the pic to see my Boards.

For as much as I like to take pictures and look at pictures, I have been seriously underutilizing my Pinterest Boards. No more. Today, I overhauled my Pinterest account. I renamed boards, created new boards, moved pictures around, pinned new pictures, posted a more recent profile picture and added descriptions to my boards. Whew! Who know keeping current on the web could be so time consuming.

It was a lot of fun though. The only hitch was that I discovered my personal facebook page is linked to my Pinterest account and I don’t know how to link my Southern Adventuress Facebook page instead. If you have any information on how to do that, please let me know. Apart from that, my time on Pinterest today has inspired me to get out on the web more often and look for additional pictures to pin and find my next great idea for any of my furniture, home, food or clothes.

If you want to follow me on Pinterest, click the Pinterest button on the right or click the picture or hyperlinked text above. Happy Tuesday and Happy pinning to all you Pinterest lovers out there.


About Southern Adventuress

Transplant from California now living in Charleston, South Carolina after getting married in September 2010 to a Southerner. Join me as I reinvent my house on a strict budget, navigate the streets of my city; meet the challenges of pet ownership; and delve into education after institutional learning.

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