RCA Radio Hutch Grand Finale



Remember this guy?


Well, I finished it today.


The finishing touch was nailing this new back panel on to the Hutch so that the back side of it on the bottom would be covered.


I am very pleased with the way this piece turned out. The top is very soft and the natural wood looks so good now that it is not stained and its true color is visible. It took a few tries with the finish though.

After sanding it down, I waxed it but was not happy so I sanded most of the wax off and then applied a coat of Zinser Clear Shellac. After that dried, I was shocked at how shiny the top was. It was way too shiny against the matte finish on the body of the Hutch. So, I sanded that a bit and got a very nice smooth feel without the shine and then put on a few coats of wax and buffed it with an old t-shirt.


Working with the CeCe Caldwell’s “Memphis Blue” was different but fun. Generally, with Annie Sloan’s chalk paints you can sand after you wax and the paint comes away pretty easy with minimal dust.

CeCe Caldwell’s paint did not fall away as easy; however, I liked the look it left. You can see the detail in the paint strokes and the color underneath wanting to come through. Next time I will try sanding before I wax to see what kind of a look I get from that process.


I left the inside that pretty red known as “Emperor’s Silk” from Annie Sloan’s chalk paint line.


I also used the same brass hardware the Hutch came with. I was unsure at first but when I put the pulls back on, I really liked it.


In the end, this is what the Hutch looks like now. I plan to put baskets in the bottom compartments for storage.

Let me know what y’all think!

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