Sew, I went to a sewing class last night and made these little booties. I am not pregnant; it just happened to be what they were making that particular night.

When I found out what they were making I figured it sounded easy enough and would give me a chance to use my grandma’s sewing machine I had fixed up last month. I want to use it to make some curtains for the living room and I figured I should start with a smaller project before I dive into making “window treatments” since the last time I sewed I was ten. Thankfully, I didn’t sew over a finger or cut myself with the scissors. My mom was quite the seamstress in her day and I seemed to remember a lot of what she taught me.


Overall, making baby booties was pretty easy. After sewing them last night, this afternoon I took out the jars of buttons I have, found two I liked and sewed them to the booties. Once I was finished I had this pile of buttons I thought would make a good prop for displaying them. Some of these buttons are my mom’s from twenty or thirty years ago. Others came out of one of the drawers of the “Dresser from the Hood” and I saved them figuring they might be useful one day. Turns out they were!

What about any of you? Any people who love to sew out there who have recently tackled a project you want to share?


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