Thieves Market



I have been helping my boss decorate his new office and in a quest to find some pieces with character, I went to “Thieves Market” in Mount Pleasant.

I have been to this . . .


barn before but was excited to go back.


Treasures abound.


Dressers . . .


Tables . . .


Chairs . . .


Pew Benches . . .


and Desks, oh my!

Apart from barn wall to barn wall of antiques and used furniture . . .


there is also a building out back where they have auctions twice a month.

There was one going on when I stopped by so I peeked in and it was so exciting. I have never been to an auction before so when the lady asked if I wanted sign up and bid I told her I was just a spectator. Well, I wasn’t standing in the doorway for five minutes when this 1940s antique desk chair came up for auction.


It kind of looked like this one but it was much better because it wasn’t $495 from Restoration Hardware or $695 from Kaboodle. The winning bidder, alas it was not me, got it for $40.

There are deals to be had out there people! Make good use of this Spring weather and find your nearest auction, yard sale or antique store this weekend.

Happy hunting!


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  1. OMGosh…….I just saw sis’s comment! What a fantastic place!!!! You are very very LUCKY!!!! Maybe one day us girls can take a road trip. Would’nt that be a hoot!!

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