Modern Farmer


photo by Richard Bailey

This past week has been busy for us. Over the weekend the Charleston Horticulture Society put on their annual plant sale called Plantasia. In addition to selling plants they also offer workshops on plants, gardening, pruning, etc. It was a lot of fun and I plan to tell you about it later in the week.

What this meant for Saturday was no post and then I had no post yesterday either. David and I went to a fundraiser for a friend with MS last night and after I stuffed myself silly on tilefish, I was incapable of thinking and typing. That brings me to my post today.

During our weekly shopping trip on Sunday, I found this cool magazine called Modern Farmer. I will be honest and say that the cover sold me. I love red and I want some chickens so the cover of this first issue of Modern Farmer called to me from across the grocery store check out lanes.

As the Editor, Ann Marie Gardner (yeah, that is really her last name), notes in her “letter form the editor” section, Modern Farmer is a new media company that focuses on agriculture. They will be “finding and reporting useful information” to help answer questions about our food and its sources as well as providing some how to information in the process.

I am almost all the way through it but favorite articles so far have been:


photo by Florian van Roekel

How To Build a Straw Bale House” (I first saw one of these in Helena, Montana – a health food store built the store out of straw bales);


Poop, It’s Back” (that’s goat poop there by the way);


photo by Richard Bailey

and of course, “Which Chicken Is Right For You?” (one day I will have chickens but they likely won’t look like this fluffy guy).

Check out the magazine. They have great photographs and some interesting information if you think you might want to grow anything from some herbs in a pot on your front stoop to a full blown modern, urban plantation or even buy some land and start a farm. Happy Tuesday and happy reading!


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