What We Bought at the Grocery Store the Other Day


IMG_6167We bought a Young Thai Coconut. I had no idea there was a difference between thai coconuts and other coconuts. “Aren’t they all just coconuts?” I thought to myself when The Southern Gent put it in our cart at the store.

The answer to that question is no. To open this particular coconut you shave off some layers near the top, take a knife and crack the heel of the knife (that square point near the handle) against the coconut at a 45 degree angle, wedge the heel into the hole you made and lever open the little door. We actually watched this video on how to open a coconut.

Inside you will find coconut water . . .


and “meat.” Once you pour out the water, you can scrape out the meat.

We drank the water and put the meat in a smoothie but there is a ton of stuff you can do with both the water and the meat.

Happy Thursday and happy coconut opening.


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