Jeremiah Farm & Goat Dairy


IMG_6497Last weekend The Southern Gent’s parents were in town and we took them out to Jeremiah Farm & Goat Dairy on John’s Island. Tim and Casey Price are the owners and Casey has been to my home to show me and some of my friends how to make cheese.

She also does cheese making demonstrations at the farm as well as . . .


farm tours . . .


where you will get to sample some of the food they grow (I don’t like beets and those beets were amazing!) . . .


meet the farm dog (make sure you throw her ball for her). . .


meet lots of cute baby goats . . .


and maybe even get to milk the mamas if you are as brave as this little girl.


Then you can head over to the cheese demonstration room . . .


and sample some cheese and homemade crepes, flavored with herbs from the farm.


We had a great time and loved meeting all of the babies.


They were so fun to play with, pet and . . .



If you would like to try some fantastic cheese and cuddle with some cuties, give Casey and Tim a call (843-559-1678) and head out to Platt Road on John’s Island. Click here for all of the details!


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