Kitchen Thoughts


IMG_0558I have been fortunate in that every place  I have lived in has had a galley kitchen and I have really enjoyed cooking in that kind of arrangement. This house has a kitchen that has been challenging for me to love.


I will start with what I like about my kitchen: I have a new dishwasher – see it there in the bottom right hand corner (thanks to the old one breaking last year); my counters are not dark blue like my last kitchen, which showed every crumb and speck of dust no matter how much I cleaned them; the cabinets are white and make it easy to match with pretty much any color scheme.

Some things I would like to change about my kitchen (and yes, I used my cell phone for these pictures – I know it makes it look worse than it might actually be):

  1. The popcorn ceiling and fluorescent light.
  2. The trim pieces on the cabinet doors. Those trim pieces are perfect shelves for dust and dirt and those corners never seem to come clean.
  3. There is no backsplash and as a consequence, the paint has faded where it has been wiped down with various household cleaners. Plus, without a backsplash, the kitchen has an unfinished look.
  4. The counters are not a look I would have picked out – they are too yellow for what I have going on in the rest of the house.
  5. The kitchen sink mounted on top of the counter is a magnet for crumbs and the like to get trapped under the lip.
  6. Finally, I would . . .


take out this whole area and make it a kitchen island because on the other side of this wall, is my living room and this change would make for a more open floor plan and allow for people to talk to me while I am in the kitchen instead of crowding in one of the two kitchen doorways.

I have been thinking about all of this for awhile but a couple of things recently inspired me to share my ideas with you.


I saw a picture of the Pioneer Woman’s kitchen the other day and her sink really got me thinking. Yeah, I know, out of all the cool stuff she has going on in that room, I pick out the sink.


Then I saw this post on Apartment Therapy about making your own concrete counters. I think this is a really cool idea and would love to try something like this. Plus, it seems like a way to cut down on cost.


Finally, Miss Mustard Seed recently posted about the redo she did on her kitchen and some of her pointers in this post were very insightful and helped me mentally clarify some things about the design I have in my mind for my kitchen.

So, what about you? How would you redesign your kitchen and whose kitchen would you look to for inspiration?


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