Sitting In The Yard


IMG_6365I have been grounded as of late. I have a foot issue that has kept me from walking, running, doing yoga, pretty much anything. As a consequence, I have been sitting out in the yard with the dogs on warm afternoons. Yesterday I took my camera with me and snapped a few pictures.


Laddie was bright eyed and eager to play fetch.


When Newt joined our front yard fun . . .


he and Laddie demonstrated the love they have for each other.


China came out to play too.


I found that the paperwhite bulbs I had thrown in the yard are growing.


And Dixie, well she pondered life when she wasn’t chewing a stick.

Happy Thursday evening to y’all.


About Southern Adventuress

Transplant from California now living in Charleston, South Carolina after getting married in September 2010 to a Southerner. Join me as I reinvent my house on a strict budget, navigate the streets of my city; meet the challenges of pet ownership; and delve into education after institutional learning.

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