Rawesomely Vegan



Tell me the truth, did you laugh at the title? I did when I saw a recipe book by that same name at the library. In fact, that is the only reason why I picked up the book because I thought the title was so silly. Then, I stood there in the library and flipped through and thought hmm, there might be a couple of good recipes in here for some vegetable dishes. So, I checked it out.

And . . . well, I am glad I did. First and foremost, it has a chart on soaking nuts. As well as a short but very informative section on why you should. If you come back to Southern Adventuress with any kind of regularity, you might remember my little adventure in soaking and the soapy walnuts I created.

Written by Mike Snyder, president of The Raw Diet, this book contains some good suggestions on fresh produce (ever wonder what goes in the “High Humidity” verses the “Low Humidity” side of your crisper), some fun kitchen equipment (oh how I covet the VitaMix even more now than before!) and of course, recipes!

Some of my favorites are the smoothie recipes. I love smoothies! The book also has some good recipes for making your own nut butters. Peanut butter, a staple in my life since I was two, has been replaced with almond butter and I would love to make it myself some time. I might not ever do it on a regular basis but I think it would be fun to know how.

Anyway, if you are looking for some ways to shake up your cooking, this book will definitely get you to think outside the box. I probably won’t ever give up eating meat but I am always on board with learning new ways to prepare food.

Happy reading and preparing!


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