Coppertone and the Cracker Barrel


IMG_6246Well, my Shelves and Plates, or should I say Plates and Shelves, adventure has come to a close. When I revealed it to The Southern Gent last night he may have referenced . . .


the Cracker Barrel and I believe an additional comment brought forth an old sunscreen called Coppertone. We had a good chuckle and I told him I would make sure that the rest of the house did not turn into a Cracker Barrel montage.

As to the ins and outs of the finishing touches on this project . . .


Yesterday I finished the shelves and . . .


hung them on the wall after I finished the plate arch.


I settled on two shelves because three brought the whole design down too far on the right side and I was concerned that if someone ever sat in the chair right below the shelves, when they went to get up they would hit their head on the bottom shelf. Now, there is plenty of room under the shelf.


As to the Cookbook Wreath, I guess I felt the frame wasn’t enough! I added some plates and the architectural piece above it.


I had to work a little magic to actually hang that thing. The clock sticks out in the back so it I got out the Sawzall, sawed that scrap wood you see in half, screwed it onto the piece, then added hangers and some felt (not in the picture) and was thankfully able to hang it straight!


I actually found the piece the same day I found the Dresser from the Hood. I had been looking for a way use it and I thought I would try it out above the Cookbook Wreath.


I eventually want to put up “window treatments” (I am still at a loss as to why they are called that) over the windows on the left side of the room. I think it will help balance everything.

I realize my creation got a little big but for now I am rolling with it. I have high ceilings and so I figured I would make use of some of that space. Let me know what y’all think. As I told David, I can take some constructive criticism!

*Side note – the Rosebud Chintz china I told you about yesterday was my grandmother’s. However, before it was her china it was my Great Aunt Fama’s. She bought it in Heidelberg, Germany before World War II. I am glad I knew that bit of history after I hung everything.

Happy Thursday everyone!


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