Bring on the Canvas



Finally, we are here!

I cut the canvas about six inches from edge of seat to give me enough material to work with – i.e. to pull on and staple.


I began with the canvas the same way I did with the batting and the muslin. I started stapling in the middle of each side and worked out until I came to the corners.

I did a little more research this time. The type of corner I tried to do is what is called a butterfly corner. Start by folding the extra fabric under at the corner. This will make two folds on either side of the corner.


Pull the middle taunt and staple. Try not to catch the fabric folded under in your staple.


Once you have stapled the center, fold the first fold over your center staple . . .


and staple that fold down.


Then trim off the excess material from the first fold. This makes it easier to work with the second fold.


Fold the second fold over the top of the staples you just made on the first fold and staple the second fold down.


Finally, trim off all excess fabric.

Small note here – when you are doing your butterfly corners, watch which fold of material you fold over first and staple. As you can see in the picture above, I used the fold of fabric on the sides of the seat as my first stapled fold. I then used the fabric along the top and bottom of the seat as my second fold of fabric. This will make your corners look more uniform.


At last, turn the seat over and check out your work.

While I am pleased that I was finally able to use my Hitachi Air Compressor and PorterCable Pneumatic Upholstery Gun, I am somewhat disappointed in how this project turned out. As you can see in the picture, there are divots along the sides of the seat. That is from where I originally tacked down the foam to the seat. I had hoped the batting, muslin and canvas would smooth that out making it unnoticeable. Unfortunately, that was not the case. I feel that this is a lesson learned in buying better quality foam and using dacron, not batting.

Now, I just need to find a place here in Charleston that actually sells more appropriate products!


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