Adding the Muslin





It probably was not necessary to cover this slip seat with muslin but I wanted to get used to working with it. So, for this project I bought one yard. I did not need that much but wanted to make sure I had enough.

As with the batting yesterday, I put the seat in the middle of the fabric, pulled with my palm and all fingertips (no pulling with just your thumb and index finger) and started stapling.


I started stapling in the middle of each side and built on that.


I saved my corners for last. At this point I was not real sure what I was doing so I improvised. I tucked the fabric under on either side of the corner . . . .


pulled it taunt in the middle and stapled in the center of the corner. Then I added a staple or two on either side of my first staple.


As you can see, I went a little crazy with the stapling. I wanted to make sure the muslin was secure – plus I was just having fun using the staple gun! Once I was done with the stapling, I cut off the excess material.


Here is what it looked like after I turned it over.

Tomorrow, adding the canvas.


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