Fire It Up!



Now that I have my air compressor, upholstery gun and staples – I am ready to get started. I asked The Southern Gent for some help though to get me going in the right direction. So, first you add some oil.


Then you connect the hose to the air compressor.

If you are curious, the gauge on the right shows how much air is in the tank and the gauge on the left shows how much air pressure is going to the gun. You can adjust that by turning the gray knob The Southern Gent has his hand on in the picture.


Then the hose to the gun.


Add some staples – action shot! And yes, you add the staples while the hose is connected to the gun. We thought this was odd but that is what the directions said so that is what we did.


Finally, some practice stapling and I am ready to reupholster!

Make sure you check in tomorrow to see what I did over the weekend.


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