Paint, the Cheapest Way to Redecorate – Part 3


Pigments, binders, solvents and additives aside, there are a few more interesting things I want to share with you about this relatively, inexpensive redecorating tool.

I Brake For Yard Sales

In “I Brake For Yard Sales,” Lara Spencer had some good points about painting furniture:

  • Make sure the piece is not a period antique. Personally, I think this would depend on the condition of the piece. Her point is that the piece might be worth more if you don’t paint it but if its pretty beat up, I think paint can help.
  • Clean before painting – windex. Interestingly, with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and with Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint, you don’t have to do this – especially if you are going for a distressed look. Most of the time I do clean my piece though. I like to really “see” what I am working with. I clean with a mixture of hot water and vinegar. That is also all I use to clean my hardwood floors in my house.

Okay, I know the steel wool is in the shape of a wreath but hey, thought you could use an idea for any leftover steel wool pads you might have!

  • Use super fine “0000” steel wool or 220 grit sandpaper to rough up the surface of the wood before you paint.
  • Prime before painting.
  • If you are painting raw wood, oil-based paint is the most durable.
  • If your piece is already painted with latex paint, paint latex over latex. Similarly, if it is painted with water-based paint, use water-based paint over the top of water-based paint.
  • Use several coats of paint and in between each coat, buff with steel wool.
  • For a super glossy look, after applying your final coat, wait for it to dry and buff one more time with steel wool. Then apply an even coat of clear glass lacquer.

  • If you are painting a metal piece, rust-oleum is a great choice.

  • Another idea for metal, use powder coating. This can be expensive as it is a process that you will need to seek outside assistance from you local auto painter with; however, it gives the piece a very cool look.

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