Oh, I Guess I Need Staples



Last week I made the startling discovery that I actually need staples to make my pneumatic staple gun work! Okay, that was not the real discovery. I was perfectly aware I needed staples. What I, unfortunately, did not put a lot of thought into was the fact that if Lowe’s had to special order my Porter Cable pneumatic staple gun for me, chances are they probably would not carry the staples I need to properly operate it either.

A trip to Lowe’s last Monday brought this unwelcome discovery to my attention. What was even better was that when I ordered them on Amazon, I found out they would not be delivered until February 22nd – well past the the date of my dinner party.

Hilariously, the staples showed up early on Saturday! I figured though that getting the house cleaned and the table ready was a little more important than one more chair. Now that all the craziness has passed though I am ready to get down to business on that chair!

I even found another website to provide me with some more guidance on upholstering a dining room chair seat. In fact, it was from this website that I learned the size staple I needed to order was a 3/8″. Generally, 3/8″ staples are used  for reupholstering jobs like dining room chairs and similar projects. If there are several layers of fabric involved, use 1/2″.  For webbing and spring work, use 9/16″, and 1/4″ for panels.

More to come soon!


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