Covering up the Linens



Given that we are having some people over on Sunday night I figured I should put the closet doors back on the hallway linen closet.


First, I took the hinges off the doors and split them apart.


Next, I sawed off the toothpicks, sanded the wood putty and glue down and then redrilled the hole.


Popped in that thingamagigger.


Then I started drilling on the floor and doorway.


After securing this bracket on the left side of the closet (for the record, I did vacuum here but I think that is old carpet fiber caught up in some paint that won’t relinquish its hold) . . .


I was able to put the right door up . . .


and then the left door.

I still need a knob on the left door but for now, at least people won’t be able to see our towels, sheets, blankets, cleaning rags, paint and vacuum cleaner.


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