The Alley



This weekend marks the four-year anniversary of the first time I met The Southern Gent aka, David. Some great people I went to law school with, Chaun and Sarah, invited me out for Chaun’s birthday, February 7, and they introduced me to David back in 2009.

On Thursday I was fortunate enough to go out with Chaun and some others to help him celebrate his birthday this year. We went to The Alley in downtown Charleston. I didn’t even know this place existed but I was glad I got to go, and not just because it was a new restaurant I hadn’t been to yet. Just kidding Chaun!


Anyway, not only is this place a restaurant . . .


but it has a cool bar area (the bar is actually the floor of a bowling lane from an old bowling alley) . . .


and several bowling lanes, hence the name The Alley.


I learned from one of the owners, Jimmy Poole, that they had various people help with the decorating. I told him I particularly liked the old, painted trophies. I love it when someone takes old things and finds uses for them!

The guys from Home Team do the food. I had a beef stew that was delish! Complete with veal stock, bite-sized beef chunks, carrots and parsnips, this was a great eat on a rainy night. To wash it down, I had my new favorite beer that they just happen to have on tap, Pluff Mud Porter from Holy City Brewing.

So, if you are looking for something to do this weekend, check out The Alley. It is a lot of fun!


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