DIY Upholstery Supply and Design Sponge



I am seriously behind in getting my chairs . . .


reupholstered – especially considering as I have about 10-12 people coming to my house for dinner on the 17th of this month! Where are all of these people going to sit?

I have been doing some additional research though and found two great sites I want to share with you.

Jute Webbing

The first is This guy has some great how to videos. Though I have watched several of them, I found the video on “How to Upholster a Dining Seat” Chapters 1 and 2 the most useful to me right now. I anticipate his other videos will also be helpful.

Crewel Chair

The second is I found this website through a chain of various other websites one day.

I love the Crewel Chair pictured above. The back of the chair features a textile the blogger’s mom made. I like the idea of taking something special like that and putting it to use while showing it off at the same time. So much better than it being hidden away in a closet or trunk for safe keeping.

Anyway, hope y’all have a great Wednesday!


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