The Office Chair Refined



This weekend I spent some time with The Office Chair after painting it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint “Old White” and then “Florence” last week. The weather was beautiful here on Saturday so I was able to be outside in the sun working on it and this is what it looked like after a quick coat of clear wax.

Usually I don’t put a coat of wax on before I sand but I did some reading and it cuts down on dust to have a coat of wax on before you sand. You also do not have to wait for this coat of wax to dry; just apply and start sanding.


Finished product!

You can see my waxing brush there and my Skippy jar full of red wax. I actually combined clear and dark wax with a bit of “Emperor’s Silk.”


The colored wax did not make too much of a difference in the coloring of the chair. Since this was the first time I had colored the wax, I wanted to take it kind of easy. Overall though I am please with the way the chair is coming together.

Happy Monday everyone.


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