Looking for Something to Do Today?



Last Saturday, thanks to a Christmas present from The Southern Gent’s parents, we went to see a performance put on by Charleston Stage at the historic Dock Street Theatre. The Southern Gent was very sweet and told me yes when I asked if we could go and see “The Secret Garden.” A relative gave me this book when I was quite young and it is one of the reasons I love reading so much today.

As you can see from the big heads in the picture, we were seated way in the back. If you go, do not sit where we sat. The lady next to us remarked that they should not sell tickets for the seats as you ca not see anything. She wound up having to stand the entire performance to see anything.

Apart from that, the play was pretty good. It is interesting to see a favorite book come to life. I was never a theatre goer when I was young but I am learning to appreciate it more and more. I especially enjoy seeing the sets and how they make things work on stage.


Afterwards we went to Barsa and had a great time! This is a fairly new tapas bar and lounge that is on the corner of King and Line Streets in downtown Charleston. The Southern Gent lived in Spain for a year and when I told him about this place he was eager to try it.

Our favorite things we ate were the “datil con serrano y manchego” (dates stuffed with Manchego, wrapped in serrano, with balsamic reduction) and the veggie paella. They also had a great selection of wines. Our server made excellent beverage suggestions and luckily for The Southern Gent, they had Estrella Damm beer on tap.

All in all, a great weekend! Hope you enjoy if you go.


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