What’s in Your Closet?


I found this fun blog the other day, Fashion for Lunch, or rather I think she found me first. Anyway, her blog caught my attention because she will often post a picture of her outfit for the day. This is not a traditional full body shot. She takes a pic of her upper half . . .


That is my Grandma Donna’s peacock, snap shirt. I love it.

sort of like this. That’s me by the way, not her. As her blog is about fashion, her clothing selections are probably a little more cool than mine. That being said, she made me think about my decorating class and looking to your closet for inspiration when it comes to color.

I started to think that maybe you could look to your closet for inspiration beyond just color. I know I am wearing a peacock, snap shirt above, and though I don’t intend to decorate with peacocks (for right now) I think the shirt does say something about my style.

I love all things western. The snaps on this shirt are reminiscent of the cowboy shirts from the 1960s and 1970s. I have always liked the color brown. I think it looks good with my skin tone. While, I don’t plan on painting anything brown right now, I think that the brown color speaks to the part of me that likes a simple pallet.

As for the peacocks, well they, and the shirt, are retro and I love to use recycled, reused, or reinvented things whenever I can. Plus, they are a little funky too and I find myself lately stepping outside of the box not only with some fashion choices but certainly with my house: hang a window for wall art or paint my dining room chairs red!

So, what does your closet tell you about your pallet and style? Are you traditional, modern, transitional, or eclectic? Do you like blues, yellows, reds, or greens?


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  1. Christie, I love brown as well….and funny you should mention peacocks. I love them right now. Leopard is over, peacocks are in; just go to any Pier One store and they feature a ton of peacock colors, which are beautiful. You look so pretty in you photo, even down to the gorgeous red lipstick!

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