Upholstery Anyone?


IMG_5781I have found it. The upholstery for The Teal Chair. I have decided to use canvas. I tell y’all frequently about Miss Mustard Seed’s blog and she has upholstered several of her pieces in canvas drop cloths. I like it as an alternative to potentially expensive fabric.

I can just see it now. I find this fabulous fabric. I start in with it and then realize I have cut it wrong or stapled it wrong and have ruined that piece of the fabric. I figure with the canvas I won’t be to busted up if I have to discard a portion of it due to any errors I make.


I bought my drop cloth at Lowe’s. It was $11.00 for a 6 foot by 9 foot piece, 8 ounce weight.

If any of you have upholstered with canvas before, please let me know if you have any tips. My next step in this project is to get the stuffing, foam or whatever. This should be interesting as I have found only one place that sells foam and they have batting but it is for quilting. Should be fun trying to find the right “stuff”ing.

Don’t forget, tomorrow is our last decorating class together.


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