A Brew or Two for You?


IMG_5632Last weekend I did something I didn’t think I was going to enjoy. I went to two breweries here in Charleston. Well, let me rephrase, I knew I would enjoy the company and getting out to do something, but drinking beer? Not so much.

I am the girl that went to the Guiness Brewery in Ireland and didn’t drink my free Guiness. Beer and I have never been real close. I find a lot more wines I like than beer. Give me a Corona or a Blue Moon and that works but beyond that, it usually tastes pretty gross to me.

That is until last weekend. Friends of ours invited us to join them on a trek to Holy City Brewing and Westbrook Brewing. In fact, we were going to try to stop at a couple of other breweries but they were closed because a bunch of people running a marathon in downtown Charleston. Who wants to do that when you can go drink beer?


It was off to Holy City first. It is in a warehouse behind an ailing Honda dealership that looks to be selling lawnmowers as their largest ticket item (all right, maybe a golf cart). You will miss the sign for the place of beer if you are going to fast.


Here was the offering from Holy City.

We drank the Pilsner first, the Pluff Mud Porter second, Collision Stout third and New Years Resolution Dopplebcock last. I loved, loved, loved the Porter. I liked the Stout and really liked the Doppleback. The Pilsner, not so much and I was shocked. Me, like dark beer? Well, I at least I like this brewery’s dark beer.

They also make a great Root Beer. It had a yummy clove taste and the gal behind the bar told me that was their holiday Root Beer. You should definitely try it if you get the chance.


During our drinking and talking we looked around at where all the beer magic happens. Pretty cool huh? The only other brewery I have been to is Sierra Nevada in Chico, California where I went to college. Holy City had a bit more of a rustic ambience to it than what I remembered of Sierra Nevada.


Soon it was time to travel to our next destination but we paused for a group pic before we departed.


A slightly more polished place greeted us at Westbrook. Alas, I did not love their beer as much as Holy City’s.


They do have some very popular offerings though, as you can see from the gathered crowd.


Here is what we tried.


We even went on a tour.

It was all very fun but at the end of the day, Holy City got my vote. I am looking forward to going back there and also to trying Coast Brewing and Frothy Beard Brewing.

Be sure to put visiting these places down on your calendar. Most of them are open for a couple of hours after work during the week and on Saturday afternoons. Or, if you don’t have time to make it out to these places, take a look at this blog, Beer of SC. It has some good information about the brewery scene in South Carolina.

Have a great day and let me know what your favorite brewery is – even if it isn’t in South Carolina.


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  1. While I liked Holy City best, it did not have beer that tasted like bacon nor did it have a celebrity bartender like Westbrook. mmm Bacon.

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