The Gun Has Arrived . . .



The Porter Cable upholstery gun that is.

Last week I started wondering where it was. Bret at Lowe’s on Folly Road told me it would take 10 days but I was not too worried about it because there isn’t a lot left in my budget this month for upholstery supplies after buying this gun and the air compressor. I called last Thursday out of curiosity though as way more than ten days had elapsed since I had ordered the gun.

I found out that it had been shipped to North Carolina – say what? Bret wasn’t there but this nice lady helped me and she told me she would get it to South Carolina for me. So, yesterday I gave them a call when I was out running errands after work and was so excited to learn it had arrived. After a quick pit-stop at the Lowe’s, I am now a Porter Cable upholstery gun owner.

It is smaller than I pictured it and pretty light too. I haven’t turned it on yet so I can’t tell you how it works but I am really looking forward to using it! I will say though that I wish it would have come with a case. I ran into the same problem with my Hitachi air compressor. It came with two nail guns and no case for either gun, just one canvas bag for both guns. I don’t really see myself throwing any of these guns on top of one another in a canvas bag. I am sure they are durable and all but that just doesn’t seem like the best way to care for them.

Anyway, if you are wondering why you haven’t heard about the air compressor before now it is because I only tweeted about it. If you are a fan of Twitter, you can follow me, @SuthrnAdventrss, by clicking on the Twitter icon on the right side of the screen. Getting the air compressor was actually pretty cool. I ordered it from Lowe’s on a Wednesday and it arrived on a Friday. Can’t beat that kind of service!

Anyway, stay tuned. Tomorrow I am going to tell you about what the Southern Gent and I did this past weekend and the rest of the week holds not only our last decorating class together but also a reveal on the upholstery I have selected for the Teal Chair!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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