What Hides Behind Closet Doors


IMG_5597Well, what hides behind my hallway closet doors is currently exposed for all and sundry to observe should you pop over for a visit to Casa d’Abel. Like my paint collection?

Last week The Southern Gent was on a hunt for a packet of Allen wrenches and he was surprised to find that when he opened the closet doors, the doors promptly fell into his arms. I would say this was due to his prowess but really this incident was just waiting to happen. The doors to this closet fold accordion style to the right when opened and the hole, that holds the metal piece that fits in the bracket you can see in the bottom right of the above picture, finally cracked.


He offered to fix it but I wanted to try a little experiment. I had heard before, from a guy at Lowe’s on Folly Road, about toothpicks and wood glue being as good as wood putty. They guy at Lowe’s in Mount Pleasant earlier this week wasn’t buying that though.

He told me just wood putty and then said, “well, I guess you could put some tooth picks in the wood putty.” He and I both thought that might help give it a bit more of “something” when I go to redrill the hole. I appreciate that he was humoring my desire to use toothpicks in some way.


So, first a little wood glue in the crack and then a clamp. Yeah, that’s as tight as I could get the clamp. I need those metal clamps.


Followed by some Elmer’s Wood Filler (that’s what the guy at Lowe’s recommended) and of course, tooth picks.

Now I just have to wait for it to dry before I can saw off the end of the tooth picks, sand and then redrill the hole. As always, stay tuned.


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