The Breakfast Club


51318EN5VML._SL500_AA300_No, this is not some clever title. This post is actually about the movie, The Breakfast Club. I found out a couple of months ago that The Southern Gent’s upbringing had lacked a critical movie watching element – The Breakfast Club. So of course I went to the library and checked it out so we could watch it and last night was the night.

It has been at least seven years since I last saw this movie and I still remember pretty much all of the lines. Is that a testament to good film making or a commentary on my lack of better things to do with my life in my formative years than spending time watching movies again and again that featured members of The Brat Pack? I will let you decide the answer to that.

As the movie got under way and Anthony Michael Hall’s vocal introduction to the movie ended, I paused the show. I then proceeded to give an over thought commentary to The Southern Gent on kids and parents and what I notice now verses what I used to notice when I watched this movie. Wisely, I contained myself to that one epiphany and the poor guy was able to watch the rest of the movie without my verbal interruptions. Well, apart from my near constant laughter and side long glances to see if he thought it was all just as funny as I did.

In the end, he told me he liked it and commented that it was different than he thought it would be. He told me it was like Twelve Angry Men, only for kids and with five people, not twelve. I thought that was pretty funny.

Anyway, if it has been some time since you have seen this screen gem, watch it again. It is still just as good as it was the first time!


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