Giving Nuts a Bath


IMG_5558I have been reading a lot of books about food lately and since I was home sick yesterday, I decided to try out something in the food category rather than the furniture category. This particular project called for very little stamina.

Recently I learned about soaking nuts, raw nuts to be specific. Some brief research on exactly what “raw” is reveals that it is generally plant food that is not cooked above a certain temperature. As to that exact temperature, websites seem to differ.

For our purposes today, raw nuts are nuts straight out of the shell – no smoking, seasoning, etc. Just the nut and only the nut.

Starting out with a pile like the featured pecans in shell, turn on your favorite TV show and start cracking.


At some point, your progress will yield some results. Probably not as much as you would hope your moderately blistering hand would reveal but I am discovering good food takes a bit of work so I rolled with my two cup yield.


Then comes the soaking. I used some glass mason jars, that are currently doubling as drinking glasses in our house, and added some almonds and walnuts I already had on hand from our Sunday trip to the grocery store.

Always use glass. Ever had a drink of water that has been sitting around in a plastic cup for awhile? Tastes funky doesn’t it? Well, you don’t want your nuts to taste funky so find some glass.


After you have let them soak for at least twenty minutes (I let my almonds and walnuts soak for a little more than two hours), rinse them in a strainer and let dry on a towel.

Apparently you can keep them soaking in the fridge but you should change out the water every couple of days. I am not at that level yet so a couple hours soak and some dry time on a kitchen towel works for now.


I wasn’t real sold on this idea until I saw how dirty the water gets, how much easier it was to eat the almonds and how the walnuts did not have as much of an acidic bite anymore. So, it all seemed worth it in the end.

Then, you can make some . . .


chocolate bark!

Maximized Living Nutrition Plans

You will need 8 squares of unsweetened chocolate, 2 tablespoons of butter, two handfuls of nuts (or more if you want), stevia and/or zylitol, some wax paper and a cookie sheet.

Melt butter and chocolate in a double boiler (I don’t have one so one small pot placed inside a larger pot with boiling water worked just fine). Add stevia and/or zylitol. I had both on hand so I used both. Add as much or as little as you want according to your tastebuds. Place wax paper on cookie sheet. Spread out nuts on wax paper. Poor chocolate mixture over nuts and place in freezer.

This won’t take long. Then you can remove the bark and break into pieces. I store my pieces in a tupperware container (should probably get class or something right?) in the freezer. The chocolate will melt if you leave it out on the counter.

Happy bathing, boiling and eating. Let me know what you think about it all or if you have anything to add to the process.


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