The Class – Chapter 5 Upholstered Furniture

by Heather J. Paper

by Heather J. Paper

Last time we discussed wood furniture, this week I want to finish up this chapter with upholstered furniture.

We know what most of those pieces are: couch, love seat, chair, ottoman, etc. There is always more to them though than just their name. For instance, did you know that a couch is typically 7 to 8 feet long? Or that cushions are generally 26 to 30 inches deep? Other nuggets seem more obvious, like the love seat is intended for two people.

What about the other types of seating options though. Take the “club chair.” Why is it called a club chair anyway?

IMG_5152According to a club chair is a “heavily upholstered chair having solid sides and a low back,” which is pretty much what we were told in class. Although, according to Wikipedia, the club chair is traditionally covered in leather.

For a straight fabric look, the two chairs pictured above by Honeycomb Creative fit this definition. I love the door behind the chair on the left – great architectural piece in the room.


What about a slipper chair? Here, Wikipedia was not helpful but defines it as a “small bedroom chair with a low seat.” The Urban Outfitter’s slipper chair pictured above is ridiculously priced but it sure is cute! I’m a big fan of the upholstery – Indigo Ikat.


A chaise lounge anyone? Traditionally for the bedroom you are seeing more and more of this chair, with an ottoman built in, in living rooms.

Another piece is the “accent chair.” I like this piece a lot. It is functional, i.e. someone can sit in it, but it is usually what it is a called, an accent chair. There are often corners or walls that need something, anything. The accent chair, provided it is lightweight so that you can pick it up when it’s more base nature is needed, can be a great filler.


The Teal Chair will make a good accent chair. It might be slightly more heavy than “lightweight” but it will fit the bill.

Happy Monday everyone!


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