Just the Basics



Oil and vinegar – a dressing for your old wood. I told you about this yesterday.

I had some of the mixture left over after The Handle Chair and was looking for something to try it on when I walked in the door last night and realized . .


the front door was the perfect project.


So, there is my container of oil and vinegar in an old dish soap bottle. I like the name on the bottle. It goes with this simple concoction to revive wood.


Once I started it was amazing how much of a difference this made. You can see where the mixture has been applied and where it hasn’t.


Finished product.

Beyond the obvious lift this gave the wood, I like the smell as well. I wash my hardwood floors with hot water and vinegar and so the oil and vinegar mixture is a nice clean smell. I didn’t even have to wash the door down before I rubbed “just the basics” on it. So, not only is the door refreshed but it is clean!

Happy Friday everyone.


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