To be Brown or Painted?


handle chairFor ease of reference we are just going to call that chair on the left the Handle Chair. I have mentioned to y’all how much I like this chair and how comfortable it is. Now that it has moved into the dining room, it needs a little something.

I want it to look like it is part of that set but am not quite sure I want to paint it yet. So, I decided to spruce it up first and see if that would be enough.

Brown Chair 1

This involved some sanding. See those spots on the chair, I wanted to remove those or at least make that area smooth.

Brown Chair 2

After sanding it down it down I was able to make the surface smooth but whatever had been on the chair left it discolored. I don’t really mind the discoloration so much but the chair still looked like it needed a pick me up so I decided to try something I had read about on Miss Mustard Seed’s Blog.

Oil and vinegar on your old, dried out wood furniture! You take 3/4 cup of oil and 1/4 cup of vinegar, mix and apply. I used some vegetable oil and white distilled vinegar, put it in an old dish soap container, shook and squeezed out some of the mix on to the wood. From there, I rubbed it in with an old t-shirt and . . .

Brown Chair 3

The Handle Chair was revived.

Brown Chair 4

Here is a close-up of the seat. What do you think? Leave it au naturale or paint it?


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