Gone Girl


ImageThis was not the post I had planned for today but I can’t stop thinking about this book and what is going to happen next. That’s right, I said, “next.” As in, I have not finished reading it yet. Yes I know, how can I give you my two cents worth about this book if I haven’t even finished reading it yet? Well, I will tell you.

My neighborhood friend who I met while walking my dogs and she was walking her dog (Marley) was outside on a different day walking Marley and . . . reading a book at the same time. I figured any book that was too good to put down when you took your dog outside for some port a potty time was a book I wanted to read. So, last week she lent it to me and I eagerly cracked it open that night in anticipation of being swept up in a really good story.

And, well, . . . I heavily skimmed the first 100 pages. I thought to myself this Amy character is a lame, pushover of a wife and the other one, Nick he might win the award for worst husband. I didn’t feel sorry for them and didn’t care what happened to them either.

I really wanted to cast the book aside but Allyson, the neighborhood friend, said it was very good so I diligently kept at it. In the next 100 pages, I started to see something. What is it about this “Diary Amy?” She is still REALLY lame and by now Nick has won that bad husband award several times over but, what is going on here? I skimmed less and less.

Then, last night I became hooked and all skimming ceased. I can’t wait to sit down and get lost in the story again. I don’t really care how it ends at this point. I have never had a book do such a turn around. Suffice it to say, if you see this book with the fleeing strands of hair upon its cover, pick it up and read. You won’t be disappointed.


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