fish logo (4-color)11I was never a real big fish eater before but now that I am married to someone who is allergic to fish, I obviously eat it even less. So, when some out of town relatives were visiting Charleston and said they wanted to go out to a place that served seafood, it was off to Fish we went. No, I don’t mean I took them fishing I mean we went to a cool restaurant in downtown Charleston called “Fish.”

I have eaten there at least two other times. For some reason I always forget about it. Might have something to do with the “fish” thing. I was glad I remembered it for this outing thoughg because everyone really enjoyed it – even The Southern Gent. He had chicken foie gras (see, there is stuff there for you anti fish people), someone had salmon and two of us had the trigger fish special that came with a fabulous side featuring brussel sprouts.

Yes that is right, I said brussel sprouts. Perhaps this is a vegetable you don’t mind but for me, I have never been a big fan. The best part is, I can’t tell whether my “memories” of eating the sprout of brussels are other people’s horror stories of this mini greenery or if I did eat one once and didn’t like it.

Well, it appears I have recovered from my memory or someone else’s remembrance of this much abused member of the cabbage family and I now want to learn how to cook it thanks to Fish, my relatives, and  a night out in Charleston. Moral of the story, make sure you stop by Fish if you are in town. They have great fish and good vegetables too!

Click here for Fish’s menus and let me know if you have any good brussel sprout recipes!


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