The Teal Chair Gets Painted (again) and Waxed



Happy New Year Everyone! I thought we would start the new year off with the continuation of The Teal Chair saga.

After the coat of “Florence” from Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, I applied a coat of “Old White” using something called a dry brush technique. I was not very successful with it on this first leg.


I got better with it as I moved on to the rest of the chair. I don’t know what the exact process should be with this technique but here is what I did.

I put a small amount of paint on the brush and then I took a couple of swipes on the drop cloth before I started painting the chair. Basically, you want the paint brush to have that last bit of paint on the brush and when you apply the paint to your piece, it looks almost streaky. If you were painting a wall, you would load your brush with more paint at this point. That is not the case with this process. Paint as much paint out of that brush as you can on to your piece before you apply more paint to your brush.


After the learning curve with this technique, I started distressing using 100 grit sand paper and rubbing the chair down . . .


wherever I wanted.


The rest was easy, just some waxing . . .


and buffing with an old t-shirt to . . .


make it shine!

Click here to read about my prior waxing story and to get an idea of what to do and what not to do when waxing.

So, now the chair is in my living room. Next up, beginning the upholstering process!


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