The Top Five


I have seen this idea on a couple of other blogs and websites so I thought, out of curiosity, I would check to see what posts on my blog are the most viewed. I found it interesting and pretty diverse so I figured I would share the results with you.

Here are the “Top Five” beginning with number 5.

Number 5

Sustainable Development

I attended a few meetings of the Charleston Area Bee Keeper’s Association. They had Tony Bertauski from the Horticulture Department at Trident Technical College come and speak at one meeting about sustainability in horticulture.

Number 4

A Tisket, A Tasket

The Charleston County Parks offered a class on how to make long leaf pine needle baskets. I was moderately successful.

Number 3

Palms in the Wild

Me opining on the plethora of Palm trees here in the South. I have no idea why this is so interesting. Perhaps because the first picture is of the Angel Oak. I know I know, that isn’t even a Palm tree.

Number 2

Making Pretty Letters

I thought because I am moderately creative and can write decent letters that this would translate into crazy success for me as a calligraphist – not so much.

The moment you have all been waiting for . . . Number 1

Chickens are all the Rage

As a volunteer for 4-H for several months when I first moved to Charleston, I was fortunate enough to see this pretty cool demonstration on how to make a nesting box out of a plastic bucket for a chicken. This post’s number one status shows that I am not the only one that has found this information useful.

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!


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