In August of last year Bon Appetit named Husk the best new restaurant in America. In addition to that, the food scene in Charleston was generally abuzz with talk of this place. So, earlier this year The Southern Gent and I decided to go during Restaurant Week. Let’s just say we left wondering what all the fuss was about. Sure, it was good food but . . .

To be fair, the fact that the lady at the table next to us got sick might have had something to do with our experience. Once the ambulance was called, we spent the whole of the time with a diesel engine chugging away outside the open balcony doors and the ambulance light swirling circularly outside upon all the surrounding buildings. To say the least, it was distracting and almost seizure inducing. Beyond that though it seemed as if it was “just” Restaurant Week to them so they did not have to make the food all that great because we were not paying full price.

Well, we were fortunate enough to be able to go again on Tuesday. My new boss took us out to dinner there for a Christmas celebration. As someone else was paying, we were happy to go back because before Tuesday night, we would not have gone back under the power of our own wallets.

I started with a salad. I know, easy but I wanted to tred lightly here. It was a salad of arugula and honey glazed beets, pecan granola, fire fly blue cheese with apple – bourbon vinaigrette. I was not sure how the honey glazed beets would go down but this wound up being very yummy and a great start to my meal. Now, my main course was fabulous: Blue Ridge Bison short ribs, smoked apple – celeriac puree, fennel and carrots, garden greens, Edisto elderberry jus.

I should have taken a picture but I ate it too fast to get my cell phone out of my purse. I couldn’t help myself! The sides were very good as well. We had cornbread, grits, sweet potato puree and pole beans. Given the creativity of my salad and main entree I am sure you can guess that the sides were all a bit more inventive than the basic names, as written here, would lead you to believe.

To see the rest of Husks’ food creations, click here.


Before we part ways, I would be remiss if I did not tell you about our dessert. This is the Olive and Sinclair Chocolate Torte. The ingredients of this intriguing little dish are French toast, chocolate torte, blueberries, peanut butter and foie gras.

Yeah, that final ingredient kind of makes  you pause doesn’t it? Liver in a dessert? Why yes, yes there was liver in this dessert dish and it was amazing. Not amazing in the, “so decadently sweet that I can’t wait to get my hands on it again.” Instead, amazing in a, “that is a culinary work of art and it tastes so interesting that I really want to try it again!”

All that is to say, we will go back again (just not during Restaurant Week) and will happily pay our own way.


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